Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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Methodology & Material

Carioca Languages is a Portuguese course for foreigners acting since 2011. Our objective is to teach the Portuguese language in an efficient and objective way, allowing the student to utilize different linguistic competencies and also to interact with the Brazilian culture. For that, our classes are dynamic, separated between grammar, conversation, debates and cultural immersion, developing the speech, written language and comprehension.

Our  teachers work to bring the daily Brazilian life to classes, commenting news and happenings, discussing cultural themes and indicating the best activities and places to know in the city and country.

  • Material

Our material, developed by our pedagocial coordinator Drª Aza Njeri, is personalized, and organized in accord to the student necessities and objectives. Focusing in the linguistic competencies of speech, written language, comprehension, the book contains the essential and formal grammar, and also the informal from the streets, with it’s expressions and slangs. Beyond that, we work with texts about several diverse subjects, enabling thelearning of vocabulary.

If the students chooses so we also work with books found in the market, such as “Avenida Brasil”, “Muito Prazer”, “Falar, Ler, e Escrever” etc…

  • Methodology

Our methodology varies between the stundents native language, in that way, there are different approaches for students that possess Spanish or Italian as native languages, or students that come from Slavic, Arabic or oriental languages, that means that our approach considers the linguistic competencies that the students carry in their baggage.

Beyond that, we utilize several diverse learning tools, from texts, games, music,videos to presentations and debates.